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About GL Accounting and Tax Servicesaptresources about us

GL Accounting and Tax Services is a family owned business based in Apple Valley, MN.  We have been providing accounting and tax preparation services since 1988 and payroll services since 1992.  Our experience is not a formula to be applied to every client.  It is a resource to be used only after understanding the unique goals, priorities, successes, and challenges of each client.  Our solutions are as unique as your business.

We measure our success by how well we enable you to focus on your business, without worrying about your books.  We love what we do and we would love to show you why.

Our goal is simple: To add value to our clients and our communities.

Our priorities are:

  • To respect each client’s time by offering appointments at times and locations convenient to the client.
  • To provide exceptional staff that can not only complete the work but also explain the why and the how to non-accounting people.
  • To support our communities by donating at least 2% of our gross revenue to local charities each and every year.

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