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GL Accounting and Tax Services

GL Accounting and Tax Services specializes in full service Payroll, bookkeeping, Accounting, and Tax solutions for small and medium businesses as well as individuals.  We design solutions and provide professional services required to:

  • process the payroll
  • complete the bookkeeping
  • prepare the financials
  • file the tax returns
  • assist with tax audits

From planning, through operations, to evaluation, we have provided resources to a variety of businesses including:

  • retail
  • personal service
  • business service
  • non-profit

Whether a sole proprietor running a multi-level marketing business or an S-corporation with employees, our services are tailored to each client’s needs; as much or as little as required. 

Flexible appointments and reasonable rates leave more focus on client’s core business and bottom line.

Explore our services and then contact us for a free initial consultation.

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